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SOreadytohelp !!

Being a hobby software developer for est. 10 years now having begun with HTML, JS and PHP I took the path of computer game development with C++ and DirectX. When I studied computer game development I was offered a job in embedded system and software development in aerospace industries but never lost track of computer game dev!

My development spans over various types of processes, paradigmes and system/software architecture patterns using C/C++/C# & .NET (WPF, WCF, Asp.Net and Webservices), Objective-C and iOS, Java and Android Development, Pascal, JavaScript/JQuery, PHP, MySQL/T-SQL/SQLite HTML, CSS and so on.

Parallelly being an concept and 3D-Artist I'm currently developing a game and the proprietary multiplatform 3D real-time game engine in C++.

Feel free to contact me:

Email: [email protected] Google+: See email above! Twitter: @DottiDeveloper

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