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How can I access the members of XMVECTOR?
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You don't access the vector's members directly, you have to copy the vector to a XMFLOAT4 first: XMVECTOR v2 = XMVectorSet(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0); XMFLOAT4 v2F; //the float where we copy the v2 ...

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Load 2 triangles in a simple DX11 example
1 votes

Ok, i was able to solve it, even if i can't really explain why. In the tutorial, inside the function ColorShaderClass::SetShaderParameters(), i had this: bool ColorShaderClass::SetShaderParameters(...

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Set up a basic D3DXQUATERNION
1 votes

Ok, i didn't read carefully enough the documentations, it states that: q.x = sin(theta/2) * axis.x q.y = sin(theta/2) * axis.y q.z = sin(theta/2) * axis.z q.w = cos(theta/2) so in my case i had to ...

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weird behaviour doing simple XMMATRIX multiplications
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Ok, i have a solution to my problem, even if i still need time to understand what it does exactly. The fix is to use the XM_CALLCONV annotation to make sure the function uses the appropriate calling ...

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