Hi, I'm Will Squire and I'm a Full Stack Developer who loves to build software for the web. For the non-techie this means I love specialising in every aspect of web development and I'm flexible enough to take complete ownership of development when required or specialise in one particular area of development when working in a team. For the more techie, I build and configure server stacks, DevOps infrastructures, backend apps, frontend apps and production pipelines. I use tech like Wordpress, Drupal, Polymer, Vagrant and Ansible on the daily (to name a few!).

Having studied a degree that encompassed the entire production of software, I’ve also worked on graphics and UX design in the past and have a broad range of experience in both design/development of games, apps and websites, providing foundation for graphics design and 3D modelling, as well as programming.

I believe technical knowledge and problem solving skills are results of working with a ‘can do’ attitude to solving problems, and thus I make this my mantra. Precise time management skills have been gained from experience in managing projects and deadlines whilst providing the quality consistently. I’m a team oriented individual that believes great communication and research, means great project results.