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Since my childhood I liked to build things. One of my early memories is me and my friends building top-notch sand castle. Moment we finished I felt so excited as never before in my life. After that I got hooked into building things. Another passion of mine is video games. Immediately I had a desire to create one myself, that got me into programming. Desire to build systems and programming skills defined my future life. I never held any other job except job in IT industry. Over years I worked in a few companies. My goal always was building best product possible and getting users happy. Even being employee, I have a feeling like it is my product, so I embrace full responsibility over it. IT industry has friendly and nice people. I've made a lot of friends and connections over years which are precious to me. At this point in life, I am looking to create a best product I am capable of to make everyday user's life easy.

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