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I am a passionate UX Engineer with 10 years of full-stack web development experience. The majority of my expertise lies within JavaScript, NodeJS and popular JavaScript frameworks such as ReactJS, Knockout, Ember and some experience with others such as Angular.

I have spent the last 2+ years at Microsoft learning from one of the most diverse and intellectual group of engineers in the world. During my tenure at Microsoft I helped shape the user experience for OneDrive and SharePoint by working closely with PM, Design, and Engineering to resolve issues, create production worthy prototypes, whiteboard solutions, and resolve conflict through listening and addressing all the concerns of the room. I helped our team launch and ship our Office design language as an open source project on GitHub. In between working on OneDrive and SharePoint I would moonlight as a DevOps Engineer in order to create faster build pipelines with NodeJS combined with bundlers/task runners like Gulp and Webpack.

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