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Evan Plaice
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I'm passionate about coding and researching the history of technology as well as exploring where technology is leading.

I have a wide variety of experience from Commercial Flight Simulation, Military Contracting, Telecommunications, as well as regularly contributing to the Open Source Software ecosystem for a number of years. I have specialized in dancing the line between Hardware (ex IO, Low-voltage signaling, telecom) and Software (ex networking, parsing, desktop dev, web dev).

Author of jQuery-CSV, the first of the RFC-compliant CSV parsers for Javascript with 500K+ downloads over 5 years.

Projects I've worked on:

I've done everything from designing websites to parsing ARINC-424 data from binary. It doesn't really matter to me. I enjoy the challenge even if that means spending hours digging through technical specifications.

Lately I've been playing with Node.js and Angular to do some interesting things.

I keep coming back to Stack Overflow because it keeps reminding me of how little I know about software development. What interests me about software development is the potential for improvement as platforms continue to develop and stabilize. I thrive in environments riddled with chaos because those are the places where there is the most potential for improvement and creativity.

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