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Choose tile based on adjacent tiles
3 votes

I would recommend you take a look at this handy page for more information, as it goes into great detail about pretty much every aspect of what you're doing, as well as a few potential optimizations: ...

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How to implement the light trails for a tron game?
2 votes

For trails, my objects usually have an X/Y structure (such as a Vector2 in XNA) stored in an array of 100 members or so. Element 0 is the current position, with each subsequent value being the ...

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Can I use a BlendState object to emulate a draw call's blending color?
0 votes

I found the solution I was looking for. Since my light map used transparency, I simply used: ColorSourceBlend = Blend.Zero; ColorDestinationBlend = Blend.SourceAlpha; ColorBlendFunction = ...

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Loading textures as a method
0 votes

XNA implicitly supports what you're doing via it's GameComponent classes. Taking advantage of these will solve your issue, but then you're shoehorned into using their design approach. The Game class -...

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