Hi, I'm Ryan, better known as Robotnik. (He/Him). I'm an Australian with many passions:

  • Full Stack Developer with experience in delivering for Web and Mobile.
    Tech stack: Angular, React, C#, Java, SQL, Postgres, Azure, AWS, Microservices
  • Elected Moderator on Arqade - the videogaming Stack Exchange site
  • Volunteer in Environment & Sustainability groups in my local area (Join me on Sustainable Living SE!)
    I'm also going green at home: Solar, Rain/Greywater capture, Insulation, and Compost/Veggies
  • Gamer - Video, Board and Card games, and D&D as both DM and player
    Some Favourites: TF2, Minecraft and Pokemon | Betrayal, Carcassone and Resistance | Clank, Coup and Gloom | Clerics, Rogues and Monks

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  • Wollongong, NSW, Australia
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