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Ade Miller
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Ade Miller currently leads the Machine Learning Engineering Team at Conga, building the ML infrastructure behind their Contract Life-cycle Management products. Before joining Conga Ade led team responsible for CenturyLink Cloud's analytics platform. A highly distributed system providing reporting and predictive analytics from thousands of devices in datacenters across the globe, processing 700 million messages a day.

Ade worked at Microsoft for ten years. He had several roles including; Software Architect at with HoloLens, Program Manager with the Windows HPC Server team and Development Lead for Microsoft’s patterns & practices group. Before joining Microsoft Ade worked on a variety of interesting projects including a web start-up, embedded languages, and High Performance Computing.

Ade's primary interests are parallel and distributed computing and machine learning. He also has a long term commitment to improving the way teams develop software through engineering leadership. Ade holds a BSc and PhD in Physics from the University of Southampton, UK.

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