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Issue with specular light at highly oblique angles with Blinn-Phong
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4 votes

TL;DR: Multiply your specular value by dot(normal, lightNormal). (And do clamp that dot product to a minimum of 0!) I, and I suspect (from seeing all the tutorials out there) many others, have been ...

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Microfacet model - BRDF obtain extreme values at grazing angles
2 votes

Very late reply, but I had a similar issue at Issue with specular light at highly oblique angles with Blinn-Phong and the answer turned out to be Nathan Reed's last suggestion: Needing to incorporate ...

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How does a game like Enter the Gungeon handle forward and backwards movement with their orthographic set up?
1 votes

So, this screenshot (linked from the Reddit thread you linked) helps clear things up: https://twitter.com/DodgeRollGames/status/593625936131653632/photo/1 Their camera points directly down Z (...

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How does re-glBufferData()'ing interact with glVertexAttribPointer?
0 votes

It appears that glVertexAttribPointer() bindings remain valid, even after subsequent calls to glBufferData(). I determined this by trying it, which isn't 100% proof - it could just be working only in ...

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Weird shader behavior on different devices
0 votes

This isn't a complete answer, but for whatever reason, you're getting major precision loss in your texture coordinates (on some platforms). You can tell this is the problem because the blockiness isn'...

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