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Cofounder of STEAMworks Learning Center, a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation.

Make. Build. Share. Connecting Kids, Community and Ideas.

STEAMworks Learning Center is a learning and maker space that provides free and low-cost STEM and creativity programs for kids in Ventura County both in center and in school as after-school programs.

We’ll have quite extensive offerings for kids in grades K-12 through which they can explore careers in a complications free environment that are both future proof and economy boosting. Many of which do not require college but still offer excellent salary potential. We also offer kids the opportunity to gain the skills of the future and have fun doing it.

-Math mentorship (become a Mentor or a Mentee) -Learn to code (no experience required) we have curriculum for all ages -Electronics classes with hands on experimentation, learn how things are designed and built -Advanced project based coding classes -Robotics classes that build on our beginner electronics classes with project based learning -Learn CAD skills and take advantage of our 3D fabrication machines and tools -Take advantage of our fun-ducational after-school programs

Our business, entrepreneurship programming that builds job skills, and exposes kids to a wide variety of professions…

-Entrepreneurship program where kids learn how to start and run a business of their own -Seminars on job interview skills and resume building with our on-site social worker -Attend seminars on a variety of topics hosted by experts in their fields

Because we are in Southern California our kids have an oft untapped source of great paying jobs but our schools frequently don’t know how and are unprepared to provide a road-map to their kids who are interested in entertainment production. So we will also be offering…

-Film/TV/Audio production kids get hands on experience with state-of-the-art equipment used for film, television -Audio recording studio

We would also be reaching out to offer programming in our Juvenile Detention Centers and in group homes for boys and girls. Also, we’d be offering the programming for Scouts of America so the boys and girls in that organization can get their Video Game Development merit badge.

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