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Recently graduated with AS degrees in both Design & Media Production and in Television/Video Production (I also have an AA degree in business market from a while back). So now, I have most of the ingredients needed to create virtual reality in Unity 3D--except scripting/coding. That's not something they teach you in arts and video production programs, so now I'm working to learn C# programming so I can add interactivity to the Unity 3D / VR projects I plan to build, and I'm also getting into 360/3D video.

Multi-disciplinary skills include: 3D Modeling & Animation (Maya), Virtual Reality (Unity 3D), 3D & 2D Motion Graphics (After Effects), Graphic Design (Adobe Creative Cloud), Television Graphics (Ross Xpression), Video Production & Editing (Premiere Pro).

I am looking for an entry level job, preferably in VR development, but would also welcome jobs in motion graphics, video production & editing, television graphics. I'm curious about UI/UX design, but don't know enough about it, and haven't had time to devote to it yet--but I'm willing to learn.

If you are in the Metro Atlanta area, and are looking for a geeky artist (who is not a diva) to help build your projects, contact me. :-)

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