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I love to create in many forms. I enjoy gardening throughout the year and grow a little bit of everything in my food forest. I also enjoy puzzles, sewing, crochet, knitting. On a rainy day, you may find me reading a good book or watching sci-fi movies and television shows.

I am an herbalist who enjoys creating natural & organic body products as well as herbal teas. I aspire to create games and am teaching myself how to create 3D objects, characters and design clothing for characters.

As of late I have been creating 3d objects for use in an animated web series. I recently purchased and assembled my first 3d printer, the Ender 3 Pro and my first print was small but came out very well. I'm going to be exploring the printing of my 3d objects!

I am also a fan of The Sims, always have and always will be lol but lately I'm having fun modding the heck out of my game. Using Blender, PyCharm and Sims4Studio, I've been creating all kinds of fun additions to my game.

Finally, yes I still have time left in my days, I am working on a huge web project for my client which involves customizing several Wordpress sites that communicate with a custom web api in addition to third party API 's. Then there is the mobile side where I am creating IOS/Android apps using Xamarin that interact with the custom API using the data captured in via the wordpress sites.

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