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I don't like too much the stackoverflow community

I see a lot of people thinking always are right just because they have rep and shit badges.

In addition I see a lot of people who prefers limit to correct (or just blame) you instead of help you or answer your question.

I know there are some rules, but maybe you should be better person and try to help instead of fuck.

Fuck you all, thanks.

Btw I don't understand this: You see a question, you don't know the answer so you just talk shit in there.

I can found in stackoverflow community (and others) a lot of people who doesn't have personality, they just say the same things said someone with no addition or helpful shit.

In the other hand, you can find here some good and experienced people who likes help, this is so good.

So... if you see a question and you know the answer or something it will help, don't let other people change your mind with shit comments.

You can take this text as a personal attack if you like it, but isn't it really. Just an opinion from what I saw here.

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