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a program for creating 3D animations, models, and images.
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A 3D or pseudo-3D action game genre categorized most famously by its first-person perspective and a bias towards ranged projectile combat.
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The pixel resolution that the game displays in, or can be displayed in if there are multiple.
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The imitation of a real-world process or system.
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an OpenGL feature that provides methods for uploading data to the video device for non-immediate-mode rendering.
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a multi-platform, open-source 3D rendering engine.
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a specialized processor designed to accelerate the process of building images.
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Generally getting assets off disk and into memory.
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Depth buffer stores a depth (z-coordinate) of a rendered pixel of a 3D scene. Depth buffer is used in Z-buffering (management of image depth coordinates). Because of this depth buffer is often called …
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A definition of physical and/or visual characteristics of a surface, often for use with rendering software or a game engine.
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The 3D modelling process of making a 2D image representation of a 3D model, although it is typically used to refer to mapping textures to 3D objects. It is especially used in games as it is an efficie…
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Topics about the professional game development industry itself, as opposed to topics that come up in the process of developing games.
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The practice of estimating a result (usually numeric) based on a set of known results.
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small to medium size programs that help you in a game development process. Use this tag for help developing and coordinating tools in your pipeline, not to request lists of existing programs…
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A collection of text characters according to the size and style of a particular typeface. Often used as shorthand when referring to said typeface.
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usually referred to anything that is affected by physics.
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Real-Time Strategy. A game played live (ie not in a turn-based structure), where the objective is to build a base and conquer other bases.
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Scale in relation to the geometry, in a game, whether that be 2D or 3D.
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the visual representation of 2D or 3D landscapes.
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a process by which shadows are added in 3D graphics scenes.
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an algorithmic (computer-generated) effect developed by Ken Perlin, often used for simulating elements in nature and for procedural terrain generation, especially in situations with lo…
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Questions about saving and loading (resuming, restoring) state of the game, allowing player stop and continue playing game at arbitrary moments of real and game time.
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Songs or melodies that play in the background of scenes to set the tone and nature. Also known as BGM, or background music.
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A way of organizing and storing information so that it occupies as small an amount of memory as possible while still retaining its full usefulness.
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a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs in a game, thus making it behave as expected.
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Unity 5.1 introduced a new framework to handle client+server networking, also known as UNet.
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Any part of an object or graphic that light does not fully reflect off of, and thus can be seen through. Also applies to translucency effects.
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Often the primary input for computer games. It boasts a very large versatility for direct input.
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Generally used in correlation with a state machine.
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a JavaScript framework for game development on desktop and mobile platforms.
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A unit or group of units performs an action while everything else is only capable of reacting to that performed action(s). Then the next unit or group of units can act.
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3D software made by Autodesk for animation, modeling, simulation, visual effects, rendering, matchmoving, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform.
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perpendicular to an object's surface.
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The name for a class of rendering technique where geometry and material properties are explicitly separated from the lighting computations. This is done by rendering the material properties of various…
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Designing a clear method of communication between the game and the user, whether hardware or software.