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SharpDX is an open-source third-party managed DirectX wrapper.
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Audio (heard) output of a game.
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GPU (graphics processing unit), is a specialized processor designed to accelerate the process of building images.
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Virtual reality is a technology that simulates the physical presence of users in an artificially-generated environment.
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A way of measuring time intervals for the purposes of triggering an action after some elapsed time.
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Questions about saving and loading (resuming, restoring) state of the game, allowing player stop and continue playing game at arbitrary moments of real and game time.
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The pixel resolution that the game displays in, or can be displayed in if there are multiple.
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A game that runs in an internet browser, either using core browser features (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) or plugins including Flash, Java, Silverlight or the Unity Web player. Add the relevant tags for…
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Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs in a game, thus making it behave as expected.
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Perlin noise is an algorithmic (computer-generated) effect developed by Ken Perlin, often used for simulating elements in nature and for procedural terrain generation, especially in situations with lo…
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Real-Time Strategy. A game played live (ie not in a turn-based structure), where the objective is to build a base and conquer other bases.
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Scale in relation to the geometry, in a game, whether that be 2D or 3D.
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Colliders are geometric proxies used in collision detection. Colliders are usually simple shapes (e.g. spheres, boxes, capsules, and their 2D counterparts) that work best with collision detection algo…
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Generally getting assets off disk and into memory.
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Shadow mapping is a process by which shadows are added in 3D graphics scenes.
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Depth buffer stores a depth (z-coordinate) of a rendered pixel of a 3D scene. Depth buffer is used in Z-buffering (management of image depth coordinates). Because of this depth buffer is often called …
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The practice of estimating a result (usually numeric) based on a set of known results.
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Refers to attributes of the visual elements of the game (the style).
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A navigation mesh is a data structure used by pathfinding algorithms to help AI agents move around complicated spaces. Navmeshes describe what part of level geometry agents are allowed to access (e.g.…
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Terrain rendering is the visual representation of 2D or 3D landscapes.
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The motion physics of the objects sailing through the air, ranging from thrown baseballs to battleship cannonfire to falling rocks.
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A Vertex Buffer Object (VBO) is an OpenGL feature that provides methods for uploading data to the video device for non-immediate-mode rendering.
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3ds Max is a program for creating 3D animations, models, and images.
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Unreal Development Kit - a version of Unreal Engine 3 that can be used to make games for PC and iOS. Licensing is done on a back-end-only basis.
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Unity 5.1 introduced a new framework to handle client+server networking, also known as UNet.
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A collection of text characters according to the size and style of a particular typeface. Often used as shorthand when referring to said typeface.
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A vector that is perpendicular to an object's surface.
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A way of organizing and storing information so that it occupies as small an amount of memory as possible while still retaining its full usefulness.
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Designing a clear method of communication between the game and the user, whether hardware or software.
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Often the primary input for computer games. It boasts a very large versatility for direct input.
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Ogre3D (www.ogre3d.org) is a multi-platform, open-source 3D rendering engine.
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Any part of an object or graphic that light does not fully reflect off of, and thus can be seen through. Also applies to translucency effects.
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should be used for questions on the management of scenes (in the game engine) , across any platform. Note that the tag of the platform you are using needs to be added also.
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Generally used in correlation with a state machine.
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Blueprints is a visual, node-based scripting model used by Unreal Engine 4.
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Topics about the professional game development industry itself, as opposed to topics that come up in the process of developing games.
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