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Some basics on convex hull tests for folks that might read this later: A convex hull is a volume defined by a number of planes (at least 4, but it could be much more). Testing to see which side of a plane a given point is on is trivial (computationally speaking), it's just a dot-product. Go look up "dot product" if you don't know what that is. Do it now. ...


Riffing off @Katu's original answer, this seems fastest/cleanest. Just check for GamePad input. Done. bool GamePadInputChanged(GamePadState previousGamePadState) { var currentState = GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex.One); return currentState.IsConnected && currentState.PacketNumber != previousGamePadState.PacketNumber; }


Okay, after a few more hours of fiddling around and referencing, I somehow managed to fix it. It was a matter of order in which I Update the transform matrix and update the rectangle and where I did so. Now it kind of works, however, after X amount of rotates, the height gets set to 0 and the rectangle ceases to exist... I'll post my new Updates and stuff ...

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