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Xcode Build Failure: Unity Framework Error -> Undefined Symbol (IL2CPP Related)

I finally found a fix for this. It needs to be done in Xcode as follows: Xcode > Product > Clean Build Folder The errors will then clear and the build will deploy as expected.
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Is an iOS development license with Unity free?

You can use Unity personal tu publish a game on every platform for free but if you start making a revenue up to $100k per year you need to pay an annual plan, which starts at $40 per month. Here you ...
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2 votes

Received email that iOS development Certificate was revoked, what is it mean?

When trying to fix your signing issues, Xcode did ask you if you want Xcode to revoke the Certificate for you, which you accepted. As a result, you have to download the new certificate and add it ...
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2 votes

Generate Xcode project for macOS via the Unity command line

I managed to figure it out based on a thread in the Unity forums. Some of the build settings are stored in Library/EditorUserBuildSettings.asset as a binary file (...
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2 votes

Apple Watch Intermediary Script with Unity or Remake Game in Xcode?

On many platforms, you can integrate native functionality that isn't built into Unity with native plugins. This includes iOS. In this case, you would need a native iOS plugin that uses the Watch ...
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Stuck trying to build UE for iOS on Mac

I would say that the best path is to rebase your custom build of Unreal Engine to 5.3. I could build Unreal Engine 5.1 for Mac by applying the patches: ...
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1 vote

Networking to make a single player RPG into multiplayer

I’m thinking TCP for chat and UDP for tracking movements but do they need to be on separate servers? No, they don't need to be on separate servers. Although separate servers has its own advantages. ...
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1 vote

How to solve the Google Ads problem in iOS?

I was having this same problem when making a build in windows for unity IOS and then porting over to my Mac to build with Xcode. Unity provides a Podfile in it's IOS build to get the Google Ad SDK. ...
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1 vote

tvOS game launch image shows on simulator but not on device

After multiple deletes from the device, clean and device and XCode restarts, it magically started working, though not always 100% reliably. Seems to be "one of those things".
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1 vote

SpriteKit SKTileMapNode with Tileset Integration

I'm working on the same thing, and the best options I've found are to either use imagemagick to split the images then import them to Xcode, or to import the master image and split it in code ...and ...
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1 vote

Unity application freezes on ios at pause

By disabling Facebook application event sending the problem went away, so it was Facebook SDK for Unity 7.9.0 that was causing the freeze. Edit: That was for Unity 5.5.1f1. When building on Unity 5.5....
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Errors in Xcode using SDL

The lazyfoo tutorials don't have the best coding practices. I can see two problems: close is too generic of a name for a function. It's most likely conflicting ...
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1 vote

iOS: controlling size of assets designed in Cinema 4D when importing into Xcode?

You can always click on your .dae in the Scene Graph View, then adjust the scale in the Node Inspector. I'm using the same ...
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1 vote

Having trouble with EOF in Xcode

The compiler isn't smart enough to figure out that Status != EGuessStatus::OK is always true. So it assumes that it might be true or false - and if it's false, ...
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1 vote

Why are the images distorted in iOS build?

A very old question, but the issue was resolved. The issue was with the iMac used to generate this build. Used a different mac and the build was ok.
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How to assign a button in the main storyboard to launch the GameViewController.swift file

Well you create your game in GameScene that is already linked to your GameViewController when you create a new project. If you need a Main Menu Then you need to create another UIViewController in ...
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