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It's no real hardware or software limitation. Cross-platform gameplay is possible, if implemented. Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn is a perfect example, featuring cross-play between consoles and PC. If a game is released on multiple consoles and/or as a PC game in parallel, non-cross-platform multiplayer is most likely a design decision either due to ...


You need a license for that, one from Microsoft and one from Unity. Anyone wishing to deploy to Xbox 360 must sign up via an approved publisher such as Microsoft Studios. UPDATE if you get and independent developer license, you don't pay anything link Get going with Unity for consoles and Developing Games for Xbox


No, you do not need authorization from Microsoft to support Xbox 360 controllers. You can use the XInput API for free.


The reason, why the message is printed several times, is, due to the fact, that you read the state of the button every loop. Player->GetState().Gamepad.wButtons gives you the current state of the buttons. That means, as long as a button is pressed, requesting the state and checking for that button will be true. What you can do, is, declare a boolean ...


Answer: They don't exist because there are too many marketing, licensing, and other business-related obstacles. The ports are often developed by contracted studios that are different for each platform, the xbox and ps4 both have payed subscription service for connection, different player account setups, etc and so forth. Who pays for what, and when, and how ...

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