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Is DirectX 12 or lower just an API?

Shall it support all GPUs? Or just newer GPUs? What about the version of the Windows OS supported? From Nvidia, DirectX12 supports all GPUs using the Ampere (RTX 3000 Series), Turing (RTX 2000 Series)...
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Can I delete UnitySetup .exe files from AppData Temp folder?

Anything in the temp folder should always be treated with the understanding that it may disappear at any given time. This means you should not store critical information that your program depends on ...
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How to get Keyboard working with GameInput on PC in C++

Keystrokes are handled differently. It's discussed in the documentation under one of the advanced topics: The GetKeyState method retrieves scan code and virtual ...
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How to deal with different version of Direct3D12 interfaces?

The best option for broad support is to use the DirectX Agility SDK and just make your assumptions on the interfaces supported by the version you used since they ship with your application/game. You ...
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How can I change the game executable name to something other than UE4.exe?

Older versions of Unreal might be a little different, but this worked for me on 5.3: Rename the .uproject file to the new name. This does not change the executable ...
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