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PlaySound() Lags opengl c++

Looking at the documentation of PlaySound() on MSDN it states: The SND_ASYNC flag causes PlaySound to return immediately without waiting for the sound to finish playing. The conclusion from this ...
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How OpenGL works with Windows GDI in order to produce output image on computer screen?

The video adapter sends to the monitor a video buffer stored somewhere in video memory. This is something the adapter does, and it is responsibility of the device driver. I am talking about a single ...
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SetFullscreenState not returning

I figured out the issue. Before returning, SetFullscreenState sends a WM_MOVE then a WM_SIZE ...
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FPS-like mouse-look camera WinAPI problem

You can use GetCursorPos, and use the result from that to calculate how far the mouse has moved from the center, then SetCursorPos to put it back. With this scheme you don't even need to handle ...
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creating a process to run in c++ // i need to run a process in c++

A single \ represents character escape sequence so you should replace ...
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Console (CMD like) in a DirectX application

I want to provide an alternative way to achieve both a console and a Window to draw your graphics to. Configure your project to be a default console project and create the window manually through the ...
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