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4 votes

How do I simulate color blindness for accessibility testing?

Windows 10 Settings In Settings app, there is a section of "Ease of Access".In this section, in the "Color filters" tab on the left, you can "Turn on color filters". This can simulate vision of ...
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4 votes

How to edit specific mipmap images in a DDS?

DDS support is standard in GIMP since version 2.10, plugin installation is no longer required.
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4 votes

Do I really need an engine to make a great game?

Of course you can make everything yourself if you want to. Game engines aren't magic. There is nothing they can do which you couldn't program on your own if you were willing to invest a lot of time ...
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4 votes

Workflow for authoring hitbox data for a 2D fighting/platformer game

Handling hitbox and hurtboxes is something usually the artist and game designers decide. In the ideal situation these boxes are manually created for each frame of animation. The main reason for ...
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3 votes

How to create game database editor interface like Age of Empires' AGE

All the tool does, I'm pretty sure, is unpack some data files (XML serialization is easy to set up), present it to you in a readable format, and pack the files back up again when you hit the save ...
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2 votes

How do I call the sprite auto-slicer from a script in the Unity editor

Actually I don't think that's possible. Sprite Editor is just a tool to help prepare your spritesheet before you can actually "use" it in your game.
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2 votes

How can I improve the visibility of an object transform gizmo?

To try to answer your question I've Googled for examples, to see what other applications are doing differently, always a good thing to do! Currently your gizmo lines are only 1 pixel wide. This is ...
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2 votes

Take an image and cut it up into a tile map

Take a look at Tiled. It's a tool for creating 2D tile maps including hex-based maps like the example in your post. Phaser allows you to load tile map data generated by this tool. Once you've created ...
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2 votes

How can AI tools support asset generation?

In the current state of AI generation tools they help best with creating placeholder art and assets. It is difficult to get the tool to create a set of assets that have a coherent style. The best way ...
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1 vote

How do you manage shared assets and tools across a team and projects?

I worked at a studio of about 400 people and there was a central team managing the Unity plugins. I had to send them an email to get access to a unity asset for example. I dont remember much but I ...
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How to version control game balance data stored in spreadsheets

You can store in (any) VCS text-only version of your spreadsheets (CSV, f.e.), but work only with original (binary XLSX) presentation of data (edit/update|export|commit) You can use non-default tools, ...
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1 vote

Running Unity development build in Android emulator without signing

Ans Q1: Yes, you can build for both devices but you have to assign Keystore for each device or you could just disable the Custom Keystore option inside Player settings -> Publishing settings -> ...
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1 vote

Workflow for tagging a sprites with collision boxes

Turns out that using Tiled editor was good enough. I imported actor sprites as tileset and annotated variuous object in each actor "tile", I gave those objects names and exported to tileset. Then from ...
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1 vote

Game engine tool generating game entities

I like the first auto generating solution better, but I'm afraid of the maintenance and upkeeping it may require. Also I can't just keep overwriting their class source file so I'll need them to ...
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1 vote

Unity Collaborate Error: "It looks like you don't have any data yet"

In the top-right of Unity editor you should be able to check your current status with Collaborate.
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Plugins for creating and styling custom Editor Windows like C#/C++ Form Designer or “Web Inspector”?

Well, I found something interesting...Editor window designer The plugin is almost what I need The project had been started but not completed yet. As the author says: he decided to release Editor ...
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1 vote

Create ROI tools for analysis

There are two ways to approach a problem like this, empirically and anecdotally. Empirically, you could use tools like Excel or Machinations to model each. What you are looking at are essentially ...
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Tools for creating an item database

tool, preferably something web-based, which would allow users to edit records in a database while easily adding or removing fields for specific tables Google Spreadsheets you can create tables ...
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Is there a tool to automatically pack individual textures into one big png?

Another option is crunch which is a free open source cli tool originally designed for Celeste
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