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How do I smoothly connect isometric tiles at different height levels?

I looked at this old question here: How to create tilted (height) isometric tiles. but I can't understand the solution of "shearing to the right, then rotate by 45 and scale in height". The ...
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How to apply sampler2Darray textures to different locations of a single mesh?

I might solve this with an index texture, similar to this tilemap approach I presented earlier. Set aside an extra texture that covers your whole terrain with a resolution of about 1 texel per aerial ...
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How to set GameObject on tilemap through script

When you are adding the instance of Tile to the tilemap via SetTile, the gameObject property ...
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If I have three different kinds of blob tiles, how many tiles do I need?

You need 698 tiles for the full blob pattern with three terrains. It's less than \$3^9\$ as not all combinations make sense. You can see the full list with this tool, selecting blob, and put terrains ...
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Pleasing isometric hexagons

Necroing a dead thread, but I actually stumbled upon this and it helped what I'm trying to achieve. However, it seems to me that the answer by Dan Healy is incorrect, or maybe just the math notation ...
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