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So you basically have a function that takes a coordinate, runs it through some noise, and outputs a biome, if I understand correctly? Biome blending is trickier than it might seem at surface value, but there's an approach I've been using that works well Scatter a bunch of points around your world, similar to how you would in Voronoi noise. You can also use ...


I used a Tilemap as my Level and it was put in front of the player in the node tree, so the Level outside the player camera was rendering as well. It now works just fine


After further research, I figured it out. If you wanted to increase the size of a specific tile by two times, all you need to do is unlock the tile flags and set the new scale matrix like so: Matrix4x4 newMatrix = Matrix4x4.Scale(new Vector3(2, 2, 2)); Tilemap.SetTileFlags(position, TileFlags.None); Tilemap.SetTransformMatrix(position, newMatrix); There is ...


The dual graph of a Voronoi diagram is a Delaunay Triangulation: (The corners of the Voronoi polygons are the circumcenters of Delaunay triangles, and the seed points of the Voronoi diagram are the vertices of Delaunay triangles. Corresponding edges of the two diagrams are perpendicular) This relationship is so key that many libraries/algorithms for ...


I implemented this and it works.

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