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Simulated light for a 2D tile-map with just SDL2?

I think what you want is to create a black texture with the same size as your screen, set it as the render target, render blurry white circles to it at the locations of the light sources, with the ...
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Optimal Approach for Transmitting and Rendering Large Pixel Art Game Maps in Unity

What I would suggest in this case is the following: Rendering details like pixel colour, are usually not crucial to game logic. Since you will need to render the 1000x1000 map as a texture, it is ...
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How can I make colliders-only visible in Godot?

Seems I actually can find invisible meshes relatively easily by switching display mode to "Display Overdraw", which is great. There's still a little guesswork as to where to look, but that's ...
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Unity Tilemap.BoxFill is not filling correctly

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