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Tiled Map in Unity is Darker than in Tiled Editor

Thanks to @DMGregory, I found solution ! The solution was changing the Player settings (Color Space -> Gamma) Important: You need to Reimport Assets and all TMX files
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Prefab not working when I import maps form Tiled using Tiled2Unity

From the error message, it looks like Tiled2Unity is trying to do something illegal in this version of Unity, and so its operation is aborted. The website for the tool reads: Warning: Tiled2Unity is ...
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Tiled2Unity not accepting a .txm file

In case anyone was as silly as I was, you have to "Open" the .txm file via the top menus and you can ignore the XML option.
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Tiled2Unity depth sorting issue with multiple layers

Ok I have finally managed to come up with a solution for this one, Ill post what I did here as I could not find the information anywhere else online so hopefully it will help someone else in future. ...
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