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SteamVR locks position of dynamically created cameras

As it turns out, SteamVR does start tracking all cameras automatically by default. The relevant property on the Camera object is ...
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How can I make a chest that can be opened and shut in SteamVR?

There's two different parts to your chest: The bottom part and the top part which would open up like so One thing to understand is that 'static' objects are expected to never move throughout the ...
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1 vote

Using one Vive controller: default to left hand?

you should be able to update the mappings using the tool described here: But you might also have luck by ...
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1 vote

Fade into scene in Unity / SteamVR

You can prevent the Steam landscape scene, as you call it, from showing by checking "Do not fade to grid when app hangs" in Steam VR Settings. Ignore the other highlighted checkbox in the image ...
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Showing Frame Rate Info in the Unity scene using Custom Script failed

Per the documentation: When using VR Unity will use the target frame rate specified by the SDK and ignore values specified by the game.
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SteamVR_TrackedObjects disabled on dashboard

I first tried commenting those two methods that appear in SteamVR_ControllerManager.cs line 130 ...
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