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Optimized linear to sRGB GLSL

Adjusted version of Tynach's answer that leaves the alpha channel alone, since it's already linear. ...
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Optimized linear to sRGB GLSL

A few days ago, I ran into this when messing around on Shadertoy. I was curious and some solutions to the various problems I faced, so I may as well post what I've made here for you. Note, however, ...
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Creating colour spectrum by light flux values

Here is a little help on getting you started with this rendering. This may not be the best way to accomplish this task however, it should work. First I created a structure to hold your data for ...
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What does the alpha channel on a back buffer do?

You can use the destination's alpha (backbuffer) as a factor in blending functions such as GL_DST_ALPHA and ...
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What is a correct approach to gamma correction in OpenGL?

Ask OpenGL driver if it has extensions for framebuffer and texture sRGB conversions. And implement fallback gamma correction with #ifdef in shader code. You must ...
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How to create a texture SRV with different sRGB format from a render target in DX11?

Direct3D supports 'type re-casting' within limits. You typically have to first create the resource as 'typeless' which in this case would be ...
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Why is enabling GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB making the colours brighter?

My shaders work in the linear space, and I rely on glEnable( GL_FRAMEBUFFER_SRGB ) to do the conversion. To drive the monitor (which has a very low response for ...
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