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How does mmorpg store data?

1000 player may or may not be a problem. It depends on how often you need to update the database. However there is a simple solution: put the database on its own server. I had a peek at how the ...
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How does mmorpg store data?

Both approaches are used with MMORPGs. Keeping everything in memory and periodically check pointing it to disk seems to be the most popular option, at least for older games. It has the advantage of ...
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Online Tower Defense : Problem in protecting user's data

2 things: Never, EVER, should you give the client the password to anything. Never, EVER, should the client be executing queries themselves. So a solution is put a service between it, let the user ...
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proper items db design mysql

Example data model The idea is, you have a generic item with an item type. For each item type you define an extra table, that gives the attributes to the item you want (mainly weapons, armor). The ...
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One sqlite db per savegame or one big sqlite db for all the savegames?

Hi and welcome to GameDev. I haven't used SQLite in a couple of years (last time was when I also developed an android game), but I've been using MySQL on the back-end in all of my games for years and ...
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MMO Chat system methods

Databases are supposed to be used for persisting long-lived data, not for ephemeral data. Using a database for storing short-lived chat messages just to delete them seconds later is quite an anti-...
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How to Structure my Database for a HTML turn-based strategy game?

It really doesn't matter which database you use for this. You can use pretty much any. The sql-by-the-book solution for storing the current state of all games would be to create a table with these ...
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Game data structure in node.js

The exact answer depend on your exact use case so I'll try to stay general. Basicaly, memory is cheap and fast. If you can afford to keep X games states in memory at once, then go away with that. The ...
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Android native database organization

I tried it all and the best way is the cursor/helper way. Its much simpler than using any framework. Just create a helper class to manage all db interactions. Persisting data is as easy as this: <...
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