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How to make a 2D neon-like trail effect in Unity

To achieve this effect my friend has created a custom sprite, we played around with all sorts of sprites and you can customize this part to your liking. The shader I've written for this effect, takes ...
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Implementing Screen Shake

First off all, try it, see the results, and work from there. With that said, what you want is jittering, but let's be specific... Keeping in mind that we are talking of a 2D game, the main effect is ...
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How can I dissolve using dynamic mask objects?

you can make this effect by dissolve in world space. (I explained the world space in this post) let's Implement this shader: Masking Objects by World Space you can make array of positions and ...
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How can I recreate the Darwin Project's Particle?

This is what I came up with after an hour of playing around. It doesn't look exactly like the effect from the video, but it's a start which could easily be tweaked to get pretty close (seen from the ...
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Trail Effect for fast moving object

You could find the distance traveled per frame and then draw the stamp texture in all the positions along the line segment calculated. For example: ...
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