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How do you create an outdoor map without letting in leaks?

This is done with a skybox. In reality, the maps are still closed; they are simply using a special material which marks the space as to render the skybox, which is what ends up looking like the sky. ...
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Custom Executable for Source engine games?

Altering the "hl2.exe" Icon Create your Icon (has to be 256x256p) and save it as an interlaced .png Find a .ico converting website and make convert the .png to .ico (Gimp Is a free Image ...
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Why does GetSoundDuration() always return the same wrong value in my Portal 2 Vscript?

the answer was unfortunately just as complex as the question and came down to bad logic in my scripts and a few typos. my working full script: ...
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Multiplayer networking and understanding snapshots between client and server

The client is currently at Tick=115, but the server is at Tick=130, but why?! Why is the client behind? Because the client has to wait until it has information from the server in order to process it. ...
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