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Why does PIX crash while creating render target views in my D3D11 application?

The PIX for Windows tool in the legacy DirectX SDK is not compatible with the DirectX 11.1 or later runtime. This means it will crash if you attempt to debug a Direct3D 11 application on Windows 8, ...
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1 vote

How do i define array in shader's constant buffer with C#?

If you make a light structure and send that as an array it should work, also maybe use two constant buffers? Looks something like this(HLSL): ...
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1 vote

3D Texture Only interpolates on Y-Axis

I figured it out. It had absolutely nothing to do with the Texture3D, sampler, or anything else that I was wanting to blame. Upon zooming in really far, I noticed that it probably wasn't the 3D ...
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1 vote

SlimDX Direct3D10 Sprite stretches with window size

After some experimentation I've found this to work: ...
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1 vote

How do i get a list of all joysticks connected to my pc in usb using sharpdx with c# ? Getting errors

You're getting these errors because the library no longer works the way it did in whatever documentation you are using. Joystick.GetObjects() supports a parameter that allows you to specify the ...
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1 vote

How do I toggle color writes in SlimDX 11/Direct3D 11 with FeatureLevel 10?

I found the answer in this thread which says: States are immutable in D3D10. Once created you cannot modify the properties for the state; the Description is essentially read-only, and we allow ...
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