A turn-based exploration game with high degrees of random generation along with permanent death which can be categorized as a subset of RPGs.

Use this tag if you're having questions or problems while developing a roguelike game of your own.

Roguelikes are games inspired from the game Rogue. They share many of the same qualities as many RPGs, including stat systems, character creation, and item usage. Beyond that, the most symbolic factors of a roguelike are random generation, turn-based action, and permanent death.

  • Random Generation is a staple in many games, but roguelikes will randomly generate almost the entirety of their worlds as a defining factor. At basic, the dungeons are randomly generated, as well as the nature of various items. As such, they boast high replayability.
  • Turn-Based Action is the second core aspect of roguelikes. To accommodate for often-times very high difficulty and extremely complex problems, roguelikes are turn-based to allow the player to deeply think about all options available. The entire game world operates on a turn-by-turn basis, though the strict method may vary between the specific game.
  • Permanent Death is one of the most well-known aspects of roguelikes. When the player encounters a grim fate, the save file is deleted, disallowing any attempt to retry with that same character. It is extremely common in most, although some will opt for slightly less severe penalties such as stripping your character of every piece of equipment, or reducing the character to level 1.