A genre of games dealing with entities participating in a competitive race. Reaching the finish line first may be optional.

Use this tag if you're having questions while developing a Racing game of your own.

Racing games are those which are focused on some manner of competitive race. It is most often manifest in the form of car races, reaching all manner from NASCAR and Formula-1 to Street Racing and Go Karts, but is not limited to automobiles or even vehicular transport. They can be considered a subset of the broader Sports genre. Some examples of this genre include the Mario Kart series, the Need For Speed series, and the Burnout series.

A Racing game is identified by its main setting and gameplay being a race. However, time and speed is not necessarily the goal of every Racing game. Some games may weight or fully base rank on elements such as stunts performed, items collected, or destruction waged. Many Racing games also include alternative gameplay modes such as arena-based fighting or car billiards.