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7 votes

OpenGL managing many textures smoothly

While OpenGL is thread unsafe, you can load such data asynchronously. Say you know you will transition in about 20 seconds. You start loading the image data on another thread. The thread loads the ...
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5 votes

OpenGL flat shading of non-planar polygons using TBOs

Fixed it! One of the TBOs is filled with unsigned integers, therefore usamplerBuffer has to be used instead of samplerBuffer — <...
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2 votes

How can I generate a random 2D surface

Unity code, but even so... ...
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2 votes

How can I generate a random 2D surface

Well, I’d say that a simple noise function on the height of land on a certain point should be sufficient.
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1 vote

QT SFML Integration Trouble

Turns out that I was using sfml 2.3.2 which I guess isn't fully compatible with qt creator so I tried sfml 2.0 and it suddenly worked. Here is a link to a video describing how to link SFML to Qt ...
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1 vote

set zfar/znear in openGL using shaders (QT env)

You can't make OpenGL render to infinity. The depth buffer usually uses floats (it can use other types, but none of them can represent an infinite number of values), meaning it has a set precision. If ...
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1 vote

Flicking geometries with OpenGL in Qt app

The problem is that my renders are taking too long, which is "solved" with a glFinish(). My understanding however is that ...
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1 vote

Qt based C++ game structure : which class types to use here, and how to correctly structure the relationship between these objects

QGraphicsItem is the correct base for things drawing pixels on screen, but that is a much tighter responsibility than "The model of the player's actions". More traditionally, you would have something ...
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