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Vulkan am I creating too many graphics pipelines?

As for multiple pipelines for multiple windows - that depends if rendering to those windows is performed using separate logical devices or not. If You have only one logical device, You can also share ...
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OpenGL ES 2.0 Without The Use of Shaders

OpenGL ES 2.0 requires you to provide a set of shaders (vertex and fragment). Those examples use the old shader-less OpenGL ES. For an introduction use the old GLES1. Make sure you can draw ...
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Details of what GPU actually do when clipping in 4D homogeneous space?

Clipping is done in 3D space before 'w' division, not in 4D space. The GPU finds either just the near and far planes, or all 6 3D planes of the view frustum and clip the Geo to this. If w division ...
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Error on MonoGame Content Pipeline: Texture Importer Error

You need to download and install the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013. These two posts on worked for me: tomspilman: Hum... ...
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Where is the Mclip matrix & how do I set it?

The documentation link you've provided is not from Direct3D 11, it's from Direct3D 9. That aside, in the code snippets and formulae around discussion of this matrix we see the following: Cx, Cy - ...
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How to completely disable auto refresh everywhere (in favor of manually compiling them)

I am using Unity 2022.2 and Unity 2021.3 (LTS). Auto refresh was off but I've seen that 2 different projects had different versions of Burst. And in both cases Burst had the "chain link" ...
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ECS as part of the rendering pipeline of an engine

As DMGregory already pointed out, it might be beneficial to - instead of just one MeshRendering system as you proposed - setup / control the OpenGL state in some centralized RenderingPipeline, and ...
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2D game background art and assets, sketch / drawing size and resolution for a 1080P PC Console game?

In pixels. Do not discuss DPI, and if your artists ask you about DPI, tell them We are working in pixels. This is not going to print. Use your rulers. The reason is that device displays are counted in ...
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Process of Game Updates/Patches

Here's a general primer, and I'd recommend searching StackOverflow for different specifics. There isn't a lot of game specific information beyond a discussion of game specific asset types or game ...
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