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4 votes

How can I prevent cheating in a distributed multiplayer game?

For some games it is possible. Take chess, for example. Can you cheat at online chess without the opponent noticing? Cheating at chess is hard, because the game: has no hidden information is ...
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With GGPO rollback netcode, how many times might I need to update my game engine in one frame?

Your assumption that you can find a realistic worst case is correct, but you need concrete connection data to know with certainty. Without concrete data, lets approximate one. Caveat: It's been years ...
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2 votes

Could a Peer-To-Peer network architecture be good for my fighting game

You have multiple problems with your current implementation. First of all, the biggest problem with peer-to-peer (or P2P for short) networking is, that it isn't designed for games. Due to it's nature,...
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RTS game: How to handle disconnects in a fully connected peer to peer architecture?

First of all you need a way of detecting such issues and separate them from simple packet loss. Once you know you really have this happening and really need to work around this, there are several ...
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1 vote

Best way to create a 2 player networked game

Hey Kaiannae if you're considering venturing into multiplayer game development, a convenient approach is to utilize established network frameworks such as Mirror or Unity's Netcode for GameObjects. In ...
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1 vote

GGPO / peer to peer winstate

You're right. In a P2P connection, cheating is always a possibility. You mentioned a referee, but for P2P games, there's no authority to be a referee unless one of the players is considered the ...
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1 vote

With GGPO rollback netcode, how many times might I need to update my game engine in one frame?

I haven't used GGPO but reading through the documentation, it looks like you would just use the amount of updates that your engine needs. I think that's 1 per frame. Looking at the diagram: It looks ...
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1 vote

How to handle MANY enemies in networked P2P game?

Do the host "decides" the enemies state? This is one way to do it. Which I recommend, but there might be games which work with other methods. Basically I'm asking whats the best way to handle a 4 ...
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