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Open-world games are those which allow significant player freedom in navigating the game world.

Open-world games (on Wikipedia here) allow players lots of agency in navigating and choosing what to do in the game's virtual world, directing their actions only minimally, if at all.

Open world games often require a very large game world, (or at least a convincing illusion of one, perhaps achieved by ), which often necessitates s such as or , as they may not otherwise fit into memory, or be computationally feasible to render.

Famous examples include the pioneering titles Ultima I and Elite, and popular long-running series Grand Theft Auto and The Elder Scrolls.

Open world games are not necessarily open-ended: they may have a central story, such as in GTA and TES games, but many successful ones have no designed story, or it is player-driven, as in Minecraft, NetHack or Dwarf Fortress.

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