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Played by multiple players, cooperatively or competitively, locally or remotely.

Multiplayer refers to a game that can be played by several players simultaneously. Opposite of , though many multiplayer games do include a single-player mode.

Players may work cooperatively (together against the game, such as in Left 4 Dead 2) or competitively (against other players, such as Counter-String: Global Offensive).

They may be playing together in the same physical location (known as local multiplayer, e.g. Tennis for Two) or over a network (known as network multiplayer; requiring ). Some genres, such as s, are always network-multiplayer by definition.

Local multiplayer can be implemented as simultaneous (by giving each player a separate or other input scheme, sometimes different control schemes entirely), or as hotseat multiplayer in which players take turns using the same physical controls (Worms: Armageddon is a famous example).