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I've deduced that this is an issue with the way I'm telling monogame to use vsync. turning it off and setting "FixedTimetep = false" fixes the issue. I am going to get vysnc back on, it's just going to take a bit more tooling.


Just a quick update: With the help of a few people in the MonoGame Discord and MonoGame forums, my issue has been resolved. It appears that you must create a sampler of the texture passed to the shader before creating a sampler for any other textures, and all textures must have a sampler. There is a line used at the top of the main function to use the ...


Be sure you have something like this in your code: Game(1) { Content.RootDirectory = "Content"; sContent = Content; } In the book "Learn 2D Game Development with C#" on page 43 they left that out.

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