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4 votes

How do I create a localtoworldmatrix and worldtolocalmatrix in Godot?

In Godot a Transform3D has no concept of local or world. They are transformations between spaces, and what those spaces are depend on how you use them. For a ...
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1 vote

Custom matrix structure with OpenGL shaders

Alright, so I managed to boil it down to types, the MAT4 (double) didn't work, so I made another structure MAT4F for floats and ...
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1 vote

How can I calculate vertex positions for a rectangle outline using a unit square, vertex normals, model matrix and outline thickness?

I have updated my Unity project which I think does what you want: As long as you stick to integer coordinates, scales, and widths, I think it ...
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1 vote

Extract a rotation matrix given a camera direction (vector) and a up vector for the camera?

As python code (assumes x to the right and y down in camera space): ...
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