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How do materials and shaders work in graphics programming?

A shader is simply a program that runs on the GPU. Shaders are most often used to determine how a mesh is rendered, but can be used for many other things as well. Rendering meshes The most common use ...
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Is there a PBR-like material system for audio?

There is something analogous to physically based rendering for audio: physical modelling synthesis. However, while you will find models that contain more or less simple parameters, you will not find ...
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Generating a texture and applying it to an object at runtime

Try this adjustment: ...
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White noise on my material after import to UE5 from Blender

Solutions. Regarding to the first one. My BaseColor had disabled sRGB, so I’ve enabled it. Additionally, I’ve changed strategy to export my textures from Substance Painter and import them in Unreal. ...
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Unity shader is changing the selectable area to the original texture it used

The shader had a few inputs marked as [HideInInspector]. When I removed the flag, the _MainTex("BaseMap", 2D) was set ...
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Why are all materials pink in my Unity URP project?

I followed all the steps above and only ran into trouble with upgrading materials. I'm using Unity 2022.3.18f1 and found the final step to upgrade materials is actually now: *select materials Edit>...
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