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At this time and with that error ... you should post this as a issue on github for monogame which is probably the correct place and maybe the only place to get attention from someone capable of giving a answer to this question. Follow the instructions on the issue submission, if possible make a simplified example ...


in order to create a .app executable for Mac OS with a DesktopGL project from Visual Studio Mac 2019 , you can create a second project and make a git that shares the code for the two projects. Then you can just compile the MacOS project and get your packed project but this is clearly a workaround rather than a real solution to the question I've asked. Else ...


Someone on the SFML forums helped me. It looks like I do just have to download the project on a Mac machine and attempt to compile it until it builds. If I were attempting to release it for Linux, I could have used a crosscompiler in visual studio.

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