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On tracking Your current simulation behaves pretty well, I would say. Because a rail wagon that is halfway a sharp bend, will indeed exhibit the behaviour that the wagon's center is no longer above the track, but next to the track. Center of the tile Traveling over the exact middle of a 32x32 tile: This is easily accomplished if you were to draw the rails ...


Use setInterval instead This will make the function get called multiple times. The other option is to put a setTimeout call inside the lol function so it will be rescheduled. To stop the scheduled call you can pass the return value of the setInterval or latest setTimeout to clearInterval or clearTimeout resp.


Are you looking for something like setInterval? That would be a very JavaScript-ish way to make a repeating task. If you want something based on a per-frame basis you'd probably want to have some manual counters increased based on a deltaTime of some sort and reset at some threshold, but I think setInterval would be sufficient for your case. Don't forget to ...


You can navigate to another URL by setting the variable window.location.href = url or with the function window.location.replace(url). The difference between the two methods is how the browser's back-button will behave. The first one will generate a separate navigation history entry for each level while the second one will not. But, you should consider if ...

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