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7 votes

How can I use vibration of an iPhone for my HTML / Javascript game?

As you have found out, the W3C Vibration API is not supported in the iOS Safari browser (as reported here: However, you've pointed out that you plan to package ...
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5 votes

Why are the app analytics for iTunes Connect so wrong?

I am experiencing the same issue - after updating my iOS apps, there is a period (a few days) when a lot of App Units get reported from China. In fact more ...
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2 votes

How accurate is Gdx.input.justTouch()?

Input.justTouched() returns true if an event has occurred between the current frame and the previous. That means it's as ...
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2 votes

Why are the app analytics for iTunes Connect so wrong?

I have been experiencing something similar for my app too. However after having done some research, I think I understand this situation enough for this to not be a concern to me right now. Again this ...
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2 votes

How to detect a pinch in Unity?

in videogames most of the time you have to look for some math models for events or interactions you see. pinch: only 2 active touch on the screen with distance more than a threshold if their ...
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1 vote

How to add the iPhone X screen dimensions to the mix of different iPhone screen sizes

Even without taking the X into account you had to support 3 screen ratios for iOS: 3:4 for iPads 2:3 for older iPhones 9:16 for newer iPhones So presumably you already take that into account in the ...
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1 vote

Handheld video playback pauses when going to the home screen

All I can offer is a workaround. Use Object.DontDestroyOnLoad to make the object persistent. Pause the video, and after detecting which screen I am in, if it is ...
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1 vote

In Unity, how do I handle very short mouse drags as click events?

What you can do from the OnDrag implementation of the button is this. ...
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1 vote

Moving CCNode with constant speed in cocos2d

Just slow it down or speed it up with a force proportional to the error. If your intentions were to hit a certain position for your object, you would actually need something more advanced like a ...
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1 vote

Fastest way to draw quads in OpenGL ES?

I thought I might add that, at least with triangle lists, one might prefer to use the ordering { 0,1,2,0,2,3 } over the more 'typical' ordering ...
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