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Why does volumetric fog require two checkboxes?

I also posted this question on the official Unity forums, and received the following response: The left checkbox you are talking about is used for overriding any value from the default value. If that ...
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Moving/Teleporting Local Volumetric Clouds in Unity

Since HDRP 17 it has feature to offset visual environment including volumetric clouds.[email protected]/manual/visual-environment-...
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Unity Editor Hangs for A Fraction of A Second About Once Per Second

I fixed it. The problem was coming from the plugin Github for Unity. I deleted the folder Assets/Plugins/Github and the problems disappeared.
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Improving the look of a character with solid parts inside a translucent jello exterior

I'd render the jello twice. Once: drawing only back faces, with high opacity, to get that rich green jello colour behind your skeleton. This pass could even be opaque if you like. Then a second time: ...
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After baking my lights again in Unity, my character is black?

So don't bake your lights before you set up blend-probes or all your characters and other non-static objects are only going to be lit by real-time lights. Real-time solutions might not ...
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