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How to run a Haxe project?

An HXML file is a format which stores a list of compiler arguments. It can have any name (not just build.hxml) as long as it has the ...
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Can't get basic example working with Bullet 3 (haxebullet port)

Setting mass for static ground to 0 ...
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Image import in Haxe / Openfl

Joshua answer the question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47478690/image-import-in-haxe-openfl/47479897#47479897 OpenFL currently uses 32-bit memory for images at runtime, regardless of ...
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Behaviours: Should I always return a reference to the behaviour on its methods?

You do already return a reference to the behaviour with the getBehaviour method. You can store the reference in a variable and work with it. Personally, I wouldn't return the components from the other ...
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Improving bouncing logic - Atari breakout clone

The system in both the original arkanoid and pong work the same way. You need to know 2 things, the distance of the bounce position on the paddle from one if the edges of it (here marked as d) and the ...
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Reducing draw calls in a y-sorted orthogonal world

Primitives get rendered in the order they're found in the vertex buffer or index buffer if you're using one. You can use the index buffer to sort your primitives to render multiple mesh at different ...
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How to create UI for 2D games?

There is this haxe ui builder you might want to check out. In general however, if such a tool doesn't exist or doesn't give you what you want, what might help is to create the UI using an image ...
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Pathfinding onComplete event?

For now I have solved it in the following manner in the PlayState class I added a function to move objects and an array to track what objects are currently moving ...
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