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How to play an animation backwards in Unity?

I've been working with Unity 5.3 and another way I found is to create a new float parameter for the animator controller. Call it direction. Enable it as a ...
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Is it possible to record video, depth map and 6D pose of any games?

One solution is to use DLL injection. This technique facilitates attaching and executing a payload (your code) within the address space of another process (the game or graphics driver) by way of a ...
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Black screen when try to capture Vive gameplay using VRCapture

apologies for adding to the question yesterday. I have found a solution to make sample videos. It is not as cool as VRCapture, but it works for both video and audio. I downloaded http://camstudio....
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Video recording and editing for game promo video

Here's how I go through the process: 1) Record footage via Open Broadcast Software (OBS). It's free, works pretty well, is very customizable and is supported on Mac (although, never used it on Mac so ...
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