A 3D or pseudo-3D action game genre categorized most famously by its first-person perspective and a bias towards ranged projectile combat.

Use this tag if you're having questions or problems while developing a First Person Shooter game of your own.

Perhaps the most widespread and popular genre of first-person-perspective 3D action games of the modern day, First Person Shooters, or FPS, involve a heavy focus or predominance of gunplay or other forms of ranged attack. The first person perspective lends itself very easily to the art of aiming a gun. While melee attacks and weaponry may be available, they are not a defining characteristic and serve as either emergency measures or as deliberate exceptions. They are one of the more popular genres in the world of PC gaming, and often incorporate multiplayer cooperative and competitive play.

If the perspective is a chase camera or otherwise from the third person, it is a Third Person Shooter. Games which can shift between third-person or first-person perspective are often classified under the perspective which is default or most common in the series. These classes of shooting games are distinguished from Shoot-Em-Up games by their playing out in a full 3D environment; the latter genre is engaged on a 2D plane.