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Unity3D: Facebook login into the game + Verification on Server Side

Token and App side So to do this you will need to get the the relevant Access Token from facebook: User Access Token if you want to post things on their behalf and access information about them. App ...
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Unity Facebook WebGL build... Does this work or not?!?! Getting conflicting answers

In case anyone comes across this and was confused like I am- Facebook no longer separates Web Hosting from Instant Games; to upload a build, upload it under Instant Games/Web Hosting, then disable "...
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What's the "appLinkUrl" parameter in the "AppInvite" method for?

It is NOT play store link or your web page link. It is a link to specially setup page that must response with applink format, see an example in App invite documentation. Looks like this: ...
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How to add Facebook Data Storage to Mobile Game?

Facebook does not provide storage for saved games. Facebook's OAuth API can be used to login with Facebook and obtain a Facebook-specific user ID (and other data like name, email, friends, etc.) but ...
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What revenue cuts will I take by using Unity combined with Facebook's platform?

Taken from Facebook's Payment Terms: Whenever you complete a sale on our platform, Facebook will credit the proceeds from that sale, less our service fee, to your Developer Balance. Facebook will ...
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"Your android setup is not correct" error on Unity showing up even after reinstalling OpenSSL (Using Facebook SDK)

There is actually a major bug with the latest version of Facebook SDK and the OpenSSL. Every time you click on Facebook/Settings Unity hang and becomes unresponsive. I had to download openssl-0.9....
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How can we compare the scores of 2 Facebook friends?

You will have to create your own scoring system, or wait if Facebook comes up with a new one. There is no workaround for this.
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The name `FB' does not exist in the current context

Assuming you are following this: Unity 2017.1.0f3 without the Facebook SDK installed leads to this error: Error CS0246: The type or namespace ...
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A way around the deprecation of AppInvite in Unity

If you are using firebase : Some people gave the figure 18% of the app invite through facebook (other through wathsapp, etc...)
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Unity 5.6 - Compilation Error with UWP using Facebook SDK for Windows

Hey this post I assume is quite old but this bug had me for a while so I figured I would pay it forward. You are getting an exception because Unity is using Mono.Cecil to try to weave all your ...
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Why do I get this error with FB.LogInWithPublishPermissions?

According to this link, function LogInWithPublishPermissions has 2 arguments: IEnumerable permissions , FacebookDelegate callback. That's why your code dont compile. If you took this code from ...
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