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How to Implement ECS Archetypes in C#?

Here is a sketch of how you can implement an archetype in C#: ...
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Entity Framework and reactive

I did not look in depth the framework you're proposing, so my answer is based on "using the observer pattern to help de-couple systems to make them independent, easier to manage, change, evolve&...
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How do different compositions/types of entities interact in an ECS-system?

I think your example is very specific, so I don't think there is anything in "textbooks" about this. I'll start with mentioning that there is no ECS police, and so if an implementation and ...
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ECS - should everything be a system?

Stumbled on this old question and the short answer is “no”. Put only things in there that make sense. If you have something like a tilemap you don't need each tile to be an entity and iterate over ...
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