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Which DirectX Version to use for a low poly game?

You generally want to use the latest version that is compatible with your target platform. For most people that means DirectX11, since DirectX12 is not supported on versions of Windows (i.e. Windows 7)...
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2 votes

Avoid if statements in DirectX 10 shaders?

There are multiple instruction able to do conditions without branching; ...
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1 vote

Handling pipeline objects in both DX12 and Vulkan like graphics APIs

It may feel inconvenient, but precompiling all pipeline permutations ahead of time is how Vulkan was designed to be used. Compiling pipelines is expensive, and if you are able to do it all up-front it'...
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1 vote

Handling pipeline objects in both DX12 and Vulkan like graphics APIs

This is a known problem with the new APIs: Vulkan is evolving solutions for it via extensions, ...
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How to perform alpha blending on saved raw argb videos(a image and a video will also work) using direct3d9 , direct3d10 or direct3d11? Resource Bind Options Dynamic: Input to a Stage: yes³ 3 - The resource can only be created with a single ...
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SlimDX Direct3D10 Sprite stretches with window size

After some experimentation I've found this to work: ...
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